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10th April 2024 - Public Programme for Twinning Weekend 2nd to 5th May 2024

Our 35th Anniversary Twinning Weekend will take place on 2nd to 5th May when our friends from Onzain come to Darley Dale. The main events will involve La Valcissienne, the French folk dancing group from Onzain, and our local heroes Winster Morris Dancers. There will also be a performance by Darley Dale Band and The MUGS Ukulele Band. The public programme of free events is shown below, please come along even if you are not hosting. A more detailed programme will be sent to hosts who are involved with the weekend. 

May 2024 Programme Poster

18th August 2023 - Results of AGM 2023 - New Chair and Committee

With apologies for the delay in publishing the results of the AGM elections. 

At the end of the time to receive nominations for Officers and Committee Members there were none for either Chair, Vice-Chair or Secretary. However we did receive one for Chair 2 days before the AGM itself. 

So, the election results at the AGM and the committee meeting held afterwards were as follows:

Chair: Jason Atkin
Treasurer: David Gray
Committee Members - Cath Hardy, Bob Hingston, Bill Jameson, Kevin Senior, Linda Tidd, Richard Powley (representing Winster Morris Dancers), Steve Thompson (representing Darley Dale Band) and Ann Elliot (representing DDTC)

The vacancies for the positions of Vice-Chair and Secretary can be dealt with by the Committee when any volunteers come forward.

Whilst we can continue without a Secretary for the moment, when get busy we do need someone to take up this vital job. If anybody has the slightest inkling that they could be Secretary, do talk to us via the contact form on our website.

11th June 2023 - Annual General Meeting Thursday 29th June 2023

Please see our Home Page for detail of our AGM 2023 to be held on 29th June 2023 at 7.30pm in the Gallery Room, The Whitworth, Darley Dale.

21st April 2023 - Open Day - Programme Saturday 29th April 2023

Dear friends,

Here is the programme for the Open Day. We have received a very nice video message from our friends in Onzain which we will show at the Open Day in between the various music and dance performances. We have also put together some photo slideshows which we hope will demonstrate how enjoyable and rewarding twinning exchanges can be.

We have had some volunteers to help others who do not know anything about twinning to understand what goes on during a twinning exchange. Again, if you can spare a little bit of time at some stage during the afternoon to help on the information desk, this will be much appreciated. 

Programme Poster

21st March 2023 - Open Day "A Taste of Twinning" Saturday 29th April 2023

Dear friends,

We are having an Open Day in the Whitworth on Saturday afternoon 29th April, see details below. Please come along and remind yourselves how much fun a twinning weekend can be! We need some volunteers from people who have been to Onzain or hosted French visitors here, to spend some time at the Information Desk helping new people to understand what goes on and how a twinning weekend works. If you could spend a little time on the Saturday afternoon helping people who are new to twinning, please let me know by email: Open Day Flyer

23rd October 2022 - Report on AGM and message from Kevin

Dear Supporters,

The AGM of Darley Dale Twinning took place on 30 June 2022 . The following were elected to the committee:

Chair: Kevin Senior

Secretary: Bill Jameson

Committee members: Cath Hardy, Bob Hingston, Kelly Addis, reps from Darley Dale Band and Winster Morris Dancers.

You will see that we do not have a Treasurer. Mike Doyles had previously given notice that he was no longer able to fulfil the role. Fortunately, there were only a couple of transactions in the last twelve months and it is likely that there will be little action needed for some time. 

Since the AGM however, we have had someone come forward who is interested in this post and we hope to have him on board the committee early next year.

We also do not have a Vice-Chair and we need more Committee members.


This years AGM was poorly attended, hence the shortcomings for elected positions on the committee. It is important that all our supporters realise that without the leadership to take forward the organisation, twinning activities and exchanges will cease in the next couple of years. Supporters all enjoy the visits to Onzain and likewise when Onzain comes to Darley Dale. Well, this will no longer happen, if nobody else comes forward. Both the Chair and Secretary have served for nearly 25 years and intend not to have their names put forward at next year's AGM - it's that important.

In order for the twinning link with Onzain to continue in the way that we know, we need a Vice Chair this year (who will progress to be the Chair next year) and also a Secretary for next year. Please consider expressing your interest in either of these important positions and email our Secretary, Bill Jameson at 

With best wishes,

Kevin Senior 


Darley Dale Twinning

AGM Thursday 30th June 2022

This year we are thankfully back to holding our AGM in person again and will be held on Thursday 30th June at 7.45pm in The Gallery Room, Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale. Please come along and support Darley Dale Twinning.