Work Experience and Exchange Opportunities


25th February 2013

Work experience & exchange opportunities

Recently we have had a number of requests from Onzain to help with giving work experience or exchange opportunities to young people from Onzain, principally to help them with learning English language. Reciprocal arrangements are usually available where our young people get some hands on French language experience.

I have added the recent opportunities to those which have already been notified to members and the full list is given below. If anybody feels they can help or would like their own children to benefit please use the contact form to get back to me and I will pass the details onto Onzain. Parents/carers would have to liaise with Onzain themselves to make all the arrangements.


1. Work Experience in Onzain Summer 2013

Last year Onzain invited some German students to work alongside some local French students doing a week's work experience on a local authority community project involving helping gardeners maintain flower beds and prepare for next season. This year Onzain has invited a student from Darley Dale to join the project for a week of work experience and French language speaking. The student must be over 16 years old and be entitled to work in the EU. He/she will be hosted by a French familiy in Onzain and be paid 150 euros for the week. This is an ideal opportunity for someone doing A-level French - who also likes gardening !

2.  Work experience in Darley Dale Summer 2013
The family in Onzain who Rosie Strauss has stayed with a couple of times are asking for offers of work experience for their teenage son Nicolas for 8 weeks in May and June 2013.  He is studying international sales at college and would like some experience in a business with international connections.
He would also need to rent a room. Nicolas is happy to send his details and CV.
3. Work experience in Darley Dale Summer 2013

 A female student (over 18) in Onzain is looking for a work placement (any kind of work will do) for 2 weeks as of July 22nd (or later) paid or not . She also offers to pay for her accomodation if necessary. She is studying to be a teacher and needs to practice English.  She is prepared to work in shops , garden centres, pubs or restaurants. She can also babysit or look after elderly people. All she needs is to speak lots of English.

4. Exchange opportunity
 A family in Onzain would like to host a 13/ 14 year old girl for two weeks (even if she does not speak much French) during the holidays (any school hol.) then the French girl would go to Darley Dale or the area for two weeks during another period. The French girl goes to Crocheton secondary school in Onzain which we are hoping to link with Highfields School, Matlock.